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If your goal is to end your home search frustrations due to poor or no credit, insufficient down payment, or any of the other common myriad of issues associated with this process then we can help! The only requirement we have is that you follow our unique but extremely simple process that will take your frustrations away.

FACT: When you rent you are essentially paying your landlord's mortgage for him or her. You receive zero tax benefits and lower your self worth substantially. Why would you knowingly continue this if you were able to buy a home? But millions do every single day because they are uninformed, frustrated, or simply think they can't qualify. We've done our homework and put together something very simple to help cut out all the pain and confusion.

How to Get Started (it's really this easy)...

  • Build your profile info into your new OWM portfolio (you're doing it now FREE)
  • Look at homes near you online INSTANTLY - Totally 100% FREE!
  • Build your OWM Home Resume to completely change the real estate game!
  • Discover new buying options and make any deal right for YOU!
  • Move in on your terms! (Save Thousands on rent!)

Our system will show you all the available homes near you that you identify in your portfolio. Takes only a few seconds starting from this very page (enter your info above to start). Even better you're not bound to only these listings. You can add listings from anywhere you find them. We're going to arm you with information needed to approach the right home for your situation.

We know you have questions which why we offer a team of specialists to answer all of your questions. Call 1-805-418-HOME! and get answers! ESPANOL? 678-288-7144.

OWM Helps With Any Type of Home or Situation...BIG or Small

  • Single Family Homes
  • Townhomes
  • Condos / Apartments
  • Multi- Family Homes
  • HUD & Section 8
  • Rent / Lease To Own
  • Foreclosures / Short Sales
  • Conventional Purchases
  • Renting / Leasing
  • Owner Financing

OWM Tools Customized For You
OWM Home Resume™

You want the secret to house hunting success? We've created it and you're going to see your home search frustrations evaporate. You WILL NOT find this anywhere else!

Rent To Own Programs

Not able to go the traditional real estate buying route? We have exclusive programs setup to help you get out of the rent trap.

Credit Management

It's true! Getting into a home with poor credit scores is difficult. However, we'll introduce you to a tool that will help you take complete control of your credit so you can say goodbye to loan denials!

We Are Revolutionizing The Home Search Process...Finally The Frustration is Over!

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to say thank you for helping me out during such bad times. I was planning on renting a home and because of OWM I now own a home where my family and I can enjoy. It has been a pleasure being a member and I'm so happy you were able to help me understand everything I needed to do to move forward!

- Thank You, Roy Borras
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...If A Home Is Listed ANYWHERE It Can Qualify For Our Program!

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